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Finding quality healthcare that doesn’t violate your faith and morals is a difficult task nowadays. If you’re a female, it may even seem impossible. Until now.

Do you suffer from a gynecologic problem that you feel hasn’t been addressed? Having trouble conceiving, or suffer from recurrent miscarriages? Interested in avoiding pregnancy naturally, without use of hormones or devices?

Whether you have a specific medical concern or you’re looking for well-woman or prenatal care, Reply Ob/Gyn & Fertility can help.


Reply is a new ob/gyn clinic located in Cary. The Reply staff are committed to clinical excellence and passionate about helping women of all ages optimize their health and well-being. The clinic features fertility awareness and a cooperative approach to care that upholds the dignity of women.


What patients are saying about Reply

So sweet, patient, and kindhearted. Love love love! Well, as much as you can *love* your annuals!” – Kayla G.

Dr. White took time for a comprehensive look at my health and did not just jump to treating my symptoms.  Her incredible knowledge of both traditional and complementary treatments made me feel confident that I understood all my options. Then we worked together to decide on the best path forward for me. I am so grateful for Dr. White and the other staff at Reply. – Caroline D.

Treating the Whole Woman

Not your standard doctor’s office, at Reply the staff are interested in a whole-woman approach. Their services include obstetrics/gynecology, infertility/subfertility treatments (for natural conception), patient education (includes fertility awareness education), and health coaching.

Reply regularly hosts free introductory sessions that teach attendees what happens during a woman’s monthly cycle and how the cycle relates to her fertility and overall health. The sessions include time for Q&A and all women and men age 16 and above are welcome.

Connect with Reply

IBT was proud to have Reply as a vendor at the 2017 Ignited by Truth Conference. To learn more about the services offered, visit their website or connect with them on social media:

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