1. Get ignited for your Faith!
  2. Hear a variety of talks, addressing our mission in all areas of life: Faith in Action, Conversion, Scripture, Prayer, Theology, the Sacraments, Philosophy, Holiness, Apologetics, Vocations, Science, the Sanctity of Life, and Evangelization
  3. Grow in knowledge of the beautiful Truths of the Catholic Faith
  4. Learn how to answer others who challenge your Faith
  5. Open your heart to be inspired by speakers who share their passion for Jesus Christ
  6. Love Christ more and the Church He founded
  7. Receive 2.0 Continuing Education Credits towards your certification
  8. Serve as a volunteer to help others realize the gift of our Faith (High School service hours are given)
  9. Share your faith with others in your family and parish
  10. Be a better Catholic