Attendee #IBT2017

I have been uplifted. I was so inspired. I have been in a state of prayer all day. Thank you so much.

Attendee Duke University

Ideas for ministry…Adoration was fruitful!

Attendee Wrightsville Beach, NC

We need more talks like this so Catholics are able to respond to these ethical situations and understand why we make the choices we do. This was spiritual food for all ages.

Attendee Wilmington, NC

Really appreciated having Reconciliation and Adoration! Thank you!

Attendee Charlotte, NC

Great ides for working with our Spanish Ministry.

Attendee Raleigh, NC

I found that having vendors present was a great addition allowing me to find resources to continue to deepen my faith journey.

Attendee Raleigh, NC

The spirit of God within my soul has been rekindled! I have been reminded, once again, how fortunate I am to be a Catholic.

Attendee Danville, VA

It is good to be in the presence of God and loving people, none of whom you know, and to feel a particular unity of the Holy Spirit.

Attendee Hempstead, NC

This conference gave me more tools to bring to my confirmation class to inspire them to continue growing in their faith after formal Faith Formation classes end.

Attendee Charlotte, NC

It was a day of encouragement and hope