My spouse and I can’t afford babysitting, so how can we attend?

There are many possibilities:

  • Your spouse could attend part of the conference, and you could attend the rest. There are so many talks, including two on Friday evening!
  • Pair up with another couple who also needs childcare and split the cost of a babysitter or trade off babysitting during the day.
  • Arrange play dates for your children with their friends or cousins.
  • Invite one of your parents to visit with their grandchildren for the day.
  • Get a babysitter for Friday evening only and attend the talks together.
  • Join us for the Vigil Mass at 5:00pm on Saturday! The whole family is welcome! No registration is required. Our vendors and ministries will also be available after Mass for all to enjoy. The conference talks will be on sale at this time.
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